Prepare Yourself For BattleBy Pastor James Durham

Dear Pastor James...On January 22, 2008 I had a word from the Lord "prepare yourself for battle" and then two more words...."Praise" and "Authority". Since that time God has led me to study and read and prepare myself for battle. In 2009, my husband was diagnosed with Level 4 cancer. I was prepared enough to know to speak life to him and stand in faith. Of course, there is more to the story, but too much for this message. In December 2012, I and two others started a healing ministry at my church. In May of this year, I read your book The Seven Spirits of God Part I and am now reading Part II. I just wanted to tell you that I love your books. Both my Mom and Dad were in the military so I can relate to that aspect. I love that God told me to "prepare for battle" not to go out and fight it on my own. I have realized that the battle is not mine, but the Lord's. Your books, especially Part II, has reinforced this for me and I'm only on page 55 :-). Anyway, thank you. I was in Moravian Falls with you a few months ago and really appreciated your ministry. P.S. I also recently read Beyond the Ancient Doors. Thanks again. Felicia