What Heaven is Saying TodayBy Pastor James Durham

Today is a beautiful day in Heaven. I visited a large open field covered with a luxurious carpet of green grass. People were basking in the light of the Son as they joyously shared in recreational sports and activities. Some sat together and share their faith and experiences with the Lord. It was wonderful and I felt so much of the Shalom of the Lord. Then I was given a vision in which I saw a young woman moving quickly away from the Lord. He was pursuing her to lavish love and blessings on her, but she seemed afraid and kept moving away from His Presence. As I pondered this, the Holy Spirit told me that this was the Bride. Today many in the church are moving away from the blessing of the Lord. The enemy has given them a spirit of fear like Adam and Eve experienced in the Garden. Aware of their sin and shame, they are avoiding the Lord. It was amazing to see that He was not deterred. He was relentlessly pursuing the Bride. I prayed that I would never move away from His Presence, but would always run to Him and receive what He wants to release.