What Heaven is Saying TodayBy Pastor James Durham

As I prayed for my spiritual eyes and ears to be open to any message the Lord would give today, I went into a beautiful open vision. I was on an open boat traveling on a river much like the Amazon. I thought about the images from the movie, African Queen. The forest and jungle area was a beautiful deep green and spoke of being well watered and extremely fruitful. I felt no danger and was totally free of fear and worry. Then I realized that I was in Heaven as I was reminded that everything on earth is a copy of things already in Heaven. I then travelled high up on a mountain range and had a beautiful view of mountains, hills and valleys – all covered in the same rich green vegetation. I heard the Lord saying, “There are places in Heaven to appeal to every type of person. Those who love the outdoors will experience many wonderful hours exploring. Those who love to hike in the mountains will have an endless number of places to visit and enjoy. Those who love to be on the water will be happy in the places created for them. This was so wonderful and spoke to me of the Lord’s concern for us and our happiness and enjoyment. This was a very reassuring experience. 

Then the vision shifted and I was in a place on the Earth. It seemed to be near the campus of a large school or university. Many people were walking in this area and were so focused on others around them or on their phones or tablets that they were very situationally unaware. Suddenly a large green vehicle passed by me on the right. At first I thought it was a school bus, but then it seemed to transform into a waste management truck. It plowed right through the people casually walking in this area. Even as it moved through the people, no one seemed alarmed or concerned. They were so distracted and focused on what they were doing that they were oblivious to the danger. 

I saw someone who slipped and fell on their knees. Their knee was painfully scraped and bleeding slightly. I rush to provide first aide. The left knee was the one with the largest scrape and I was attempting to put some ointment and a bandage on the wound.  

Again the vision shifted and I was in a huge crowd of people. There was a circus like atmosphere among the people. Once again I saw many distractions limiting the ability of people to be aware of what was happening around them. This placed looked wonderful but felt terrible because of an atmosphere of deep deception over the people. I felt danger was nearby, but no one was willing to wake up and pay attention to their surroundings. They seemed to laugh off every attempt to change the focus of their attention. 

I had been praying for the people hurt by what happened in Sutherland, TX and realized that this deception and all the distractions were intended to keep people from seeing the real situation and the actual threat. I felt so frustrated by all the people who were using this evil attack of the enemy to further their political agenda and to support their world view. These things seemed more important that the people who have been devastated by this terrible act of senseless violence. People are too distracted and polarized to pull together in the face of evil. I am praying for the Spirit of truth to come and break through the deception. I am praying for the Spirit of wisdom and revelation to come and open the eyes of the people to understand the evil being unleashed in the spiritual realm. I am praying for the Spirit of grace and supplication to come and provide grace to meet every need and heal every hurt. Lord give us wisdom to know what to do and say which will please you and bring shalom to your people. Amen and Amen.