What Heaven is Saying TodayBy Pastor James Durham

This morning I received another rapid-fire series of visions. Several of them were open visions of me being in Korea. In the first one, I was standing on the north side of the stone marking the 38th Parallel near the city of SokCho. Several gift shops were open to my left as I stood in front of the stone. The shops were very busy and many people were visiting and seeking the perfect gift. I believe this was about something in the spiritual realm rather than the natural. Heavenly gift shops are available today under this open heaven I was experiencing. If you have been seeking a special spiritual gift in this season, it is now available. Reach out right now and receive it from the Lord. Some will receive more than one gift, but each of the gifts will be perfect for the ministry the Lord has given to you. 

Suddenly (in another vision) I was standing in a modern looking restaurant or coffee shop. I felt like I had been in this place before. There was something very familiar about it, but I didn’t know exactly what it was. I was reminded of being taken to places like this on past ministry trips after a late night session in a Korean church. I was very comfortable in this place and felt the Shalom Glory of the Lord. I experienced something like anticipation or expectancy. I understood that a brief season of refreshing is being released to those who need to rest and to be restored. Perhaps you have grown weary from your labors in the Kingdom and need a brief season of refreshing and nourishment from the Lord. This is the time to reach out and take it. You need new strength, increased stamina and a renewed zeal for another powerful move of the Lord. 

Suddenly I was carried by the Spirit to another place. I was in Moriah Chapel in Wales where the Welsh Revival began. The church was empty of people, but filled with the Spirit of the Lord. I moved forward to the seat where I had been touch by the Lord on my first visit to this place in 2015. I sat in the seat and once again Heaven opened and a powerful spiritual light was shining down on me from above. I felt both power and warmth from this light and just soaked in the Glory of the Lord. Many are being prepared now for a great season of revival. The Lord is shining a light of anointing on those who will carry the revival. He is releasing impartation for a revival fire on those who are pressing in for it. Perhaps you have been crying out for a great revival and another great awakening. This is you time to receive an impartation of fire from the Lord. Open you heart to let it shine in on you. 

Suddenly, I was in a medium sized church in Korea. At first it was empty. Then people became to come in slowly and quietly. I felt a sense of the gathering of those anointed for revival. They were focused and purposeful as they moved into place. There were no distractions. People were ready, hungry and determined to see the Glory of the Lord manifest in power. As I typed this, my eyes were drawn to a book on my desk, “Revival Praying” by Leonard Ravenhill. Are you feeling this? Is the Lord calling you to a deeper commitment to prayer which will help open the door for the next great move of the Lord? This is your season. Press in for it now! Amen?