What Heaven is Saying TodayBy Pastor James Durham

Shabbat Shalom, 

I finished the fourth editing of the new book yesterday and plan to submit the manuscript today. I went up to the Worship Room this morning to express my gratitude to the Lord for helping me in such awesome ways to complete the task thus far. As I gave my worship and praise, I began to receive a series of visions. In the first vision, I saw a young man with a Bible open in his left hand. He was gesturing with his right hand as he spoke the Word of God to people. He was suddenly thrust forward by the Lord. As he came close I looked into his face and saw that his eyes were filled with love. He was passionately sharing the gospel. He was filled joy and enthusiasm as He spoke to the people. I heard the Lord saying that a new generation of young leaders is about to emerge who will show this kind of enthusiastic love and joy. I was suddenly filled with hope and expectancy for another great awakening to be released by the Lord. 

Suddenly I began to get words of knowledge for healings. I saw someone with two knitting needles stuck in their right eye. The Lord pulled them out and said that they were a vicious spiritual attack against authority of a few people who will read this. The attack is broken and your spiritual vision has been restored. Hallelujah! In this vision, I saw several people healed of various things in spirit, soul and body. If you need healing, it is available today. Joint pain and breathing difficulties are being healed right now. Chronic bowel diseases are being healed right now. Lower back pain is being taken away. I sensed the release of renewed strength and energy for those who have grown weary. All of these are available for you right now. Just reach out and receive it in Yeshua’s name. Gifts of supernatural faith are being released to enable people to receive the healings the Lord is releasing. I pray the Lord will bestow these in abundance on you today. Amen and Amen!