What Heaven is Saying TodayBy Pastor James Durham

For the beginning of Yom Teruah (blowing trumpets), I blew the shofar and then we spend time in repentance and seeking the Holy Spirit to shine a light on anything else for which we need to repent. Later, we built our Sukkah in the Worship Room in preparation for the appointed time of Sukkot (Tabernacles). Suddenly the Presence of His Glory became so strong that we had to sit down under the weight of it. For the next hour we just soaked in the Glory and celebrated the power of His weighty presence. I pray that you will open a way for the glory by spending time in repentance and silently seeking the wisdom of the Holy Spirit to reveal hidden things which need to be cast off. May Yeshua ha Messiach inhabit your home and church during this season of Sukkot! May the power and presence of the Lord invade your space as the cloud of glory rests on you! Remember: repentance is the key which opens this door of glory for you!