What Heaven is Saying TodayBy Pastor James Durham

On Tuesday I had a wonderful vision of walking in a wilderness area of Australia. I was in a somewhat cleared area between two heavily forested areas. As I walked along, I looked up into the night sky and saw an amazing meteor shower. The meteors were landing near where I was walking. They were falling on both sides of the cleared area. I asked the Lord if this was judgment or blessing and He said, “Both!” Large boulder sized flaming rocks were hitting the ground and causing a great deal of damage on the left side. On the right side, other falling meteors were flames of fire landing on the heads of some of the people reminiscent of the Day of Pentecost.

It was clear in the vision that the country is divided at this time and the Lord is reacting to what is being released by the people. Those who are behaving out of rebellion against Him and with violence toward others will be receiving judgment in a powerful and supernatural way. Those who are faithful to both the Lord and others will be receiving a fresh baptism of fire from the Lord to energize and empower them for their ministry in the great harvest.

I felt like there was more and didn’t send this out as I waited for the Lord to show me more. On Wednesday morning, I received more. I believe that is specifically for Australia, but also applies to all the nations.

In the first vision I was standing in the middle of a city with many buildings. The streets were flooded and appeared to be like rivers flowing with swift water. In the middle of the street, I saw a man rowing a canoe. He was rowing against the flow of the river and didn’t seem to be moving at all. All his efforts had only kept him where he was. As I watched his hopeless efforts, I heard the Lord say this is Melbourne. The river is a great outpouring of living water meant to bless and enliven those in this city. Like the man in the canoe, many are resisting this move of the Lord and the outcome will be a missed opportunity to move forward with the Lord. Remember this is a message for people in every city.

Then I was carried in the Spirit to another city. I didn’t recognize it at first because I was inside a large building with a group of people at a Holiday party. It seemed like a Christmas party, but the decorations did not point to Christ. My attention was drawn to a man who was watching others very carefully. I saw in his eyes that he was a predator looking for a victim. He spent several minutes looking at various women in the group. I felt this was a warning for people in this city to be on alert and watchful. It is wise to be very situationally aware during these celebrations and remain clear headed and alert to danger. Then I was told this was Sidney. It is also a message for people in every city. Be alert, watchful and situationally aware for your own safety and to protect one another.

Next, I visited Perth where I saw a man with fire in his eyes. This didn’t look like a positive thing. It was as if his natural eyes were being burned away so that he would no longer focus on the things of the flesh. Then fire began to emerge from his ears with the same outcome for his hearing. I felt that this was about a purge which would be very painful, but the end result will be a renewed ability to see and hear in the Spirit. Suddenly, I saw a man in a raincoat who was attacking a bus. One person came off of the bus and the man focused his rage on that one person. Again, I felt this was a warning for people to be alert and situationally aware. This again was a specific message for Perth, but also applied to every other city around the world. There is increased danger as believers celebrate the Lord in this season. May we keep each other in love and prayer as the Lord taught us. Amen?

I waited again to see if there would be more this morning, but I didn’t receive any additional things for this message except a powerful time of Shalom in the presence of the Lord. Maybe this is the third part of the message. In the USA this is Thanksgiving Day and I am so thankful for all the Lord has done, is doing and will do for those who remain faithful to Him. Amen and Amen! The Lord is good. His love and mercy endure forever!