What Heaven is Saying TodayBy Pastor James Durham

This morning after an extended period studying the scriptures, I went up to our worship room to spend time with the Lord. As I was silent under me tallit for several minutes, I was lifted up in the spirit to Heaven. It was an extremely beautiful day in Heaven. The light of God was bright and warm like the midmorning sunshine on a late Spring day. I was in a horse drawn carriage with Yeshua, and we were in complete silence. All of Heaven was at rest and in profound silence. It was a comfortable silence with the Lord. No words were necessary. He had somehow brought us into spiritual synchronization. It felt like it was Shabbat even though it was not Shabbat. I didn’t ponder about it very much because of the Shalom and harmony I was feeling with the Lord. 

After some time, I was carried in the Spirit to the Mount of Olives. I was looking across the Kidron Valley and then up to the pinnacle of the Temple. It was so quiet and peaceful in Jerusalem. I remembered that I had prayed for shalom in Jerusalem before having this wonderful spiritual experience. It was like an extraordinary Shabbat in Jerusalem even though it was not Shabbat. Then the Holy Spirit revealed to me that these days of isolation are making up for our misuse of the Lord’s Shabbat. Israel spent 70 years in Babylon making up for the “Sh’mita” years (Shabbat for the land) in which they had not honored or obeyed the Lord. The question came to me: After this is over, will we honor the Lord or go back to business as usual? I want to honor the Lord. How about you? 

During these experiences with the Lord, I did not feel any judgment or condemnation. I felt the Shalom of the Lord. My understanding is that the Lord is bringing balance, harmony and peace so that we have the opportunity to react with praise, worship, love and honor. It is a season of restoration not condemnation. Amen?