What Heaven is Saying TodayBy Pastor James Durham

At the end of 2019, the Lord told me not to send out messages until I was directed to do so by Him. He said that everything was about to change dramatically and we would have a difficult time keeping up with the process. Then I was told to rest for a season. I have been faithful to my instructions from the Lord. For me, Yom Kippur has always been a time of amazing visions, dreams, and heavenly visits with the Lord. As this day drew near, I began to feel a quickening in my spirit and believed that my time of silence was coming to an end. This happened beginning in the morning of Yom Kippur Eve.
Saturday, Sep 26 2020 -11:00 A.M.
I was carried in the Spirit to a heavenly place. It appeared to be early morning just before the light was about to dawn. It was very dark outside like the darkness the world has been in during most of 2020. Suddenly on the left side of the horizon, I saw a blue rectangle getting larger and moving toward us. The light in the rectangle seemed to be dancing with joy. I don’t know exactly how I knew that, but I felt this very strongly. I immediately learned from the Holy Spirit that something good and wonderful is being released for us and it is now dawning and is quickly drawing near. Then I saw some numbers written in the sky. The numbers were also blue and seemed to be dancing. I saw the number “11” and then the number “7” written in a very large form in the now beautiful early morning blue sky. I received this as a promise from the Lord that we should begin to expect, lean into, and pray for something wonderful which is coming to us on the seventh day of November. Are you ready for something new and powerful from the Lord. It is time to prepare our spirits to receive an abundant outpouring from the Lord. Amen?