What Heaven is Saying TodayBy Pastor James Durham

At sundown on the first evening of Yom Kippur, I had an awesome spiritual experience with the Lord. As I walked toward our upstairs worship room, I stepped into an area where there was a very strong fragrance of burning incense. This was not the first time I had an experience like this outside our worship room. I love it every time it happens. So I stepped back and walked through it again. The fragrance was still there and I was filled with expectancy for what the Lord was about to do. Then my wife, Gloria, walked through it and could clearly distinguish the fragrance of burning incense. Think about it this way: it was as if we walked past the golden altar of incense on our way into the Most Holy Place.
As I entered the room, I encountered the power of His presence. Some of you know what I am talking about. I couldn’t sit down for a while. I stood trembling in what felt like an electrical storm dancing all around me. I couldn’t sit down in my worship chair, but I really didn’t want to sit while the presences of the Lord was covering me. I wanted to soak it all in. So I moved around the area to receive more. When I was able to sit down, I saw an amazing vision. My eyes were closed but I clearly saw heaven open over us. It appeared as if the roof of our house was gone and the heavens split open. As I looked up, it became clear that the opening was revealing something awesome. It was the throne room in heaven. As I looked up into the presence of the Lord (the most Holy Place promised by the fragrance of the burning incense) two powder blue ropes were being lowered down from heaven into our room.
I will share more of this heavenly encounter tomorrow.