What Heaven is Saying TodayBy Pastor James Durham

(continued from yesterday) I held firmly to the two powder blue ropes which were lowered from heaven into our room. They were not like regular ropes with the rough hemp fibers but were like velvet-covered ropes on the dividers in a theater. I reached out in the natural realm with my right hand to take hold of something in the spiritual realm. Then I reached out with my left hand and held the rope close to my chest. As I held the rope close to my heart, it began to be drawn up toward heaven. Soon I was lifted in the spirit and pulled through the center of a host of pure white angels who were now encircling the rope. I thought these were holiness angels and I was reminded that it is His holiness and not ours which opens the way for us to experience His presence.
A fiery angel was waiting above the others and accompanied me into Heaven. In the Throne Room, I stood before Father God with my head bowed low. I wept and trembled in His presence. I was filled with a desire to fall face down before Him, but the angel next to me held me up. I didn’t weep because of sadness or fear, but because of the overpowering emotion of being in the presence of the Lord. I was reminded of Psalm 96:9, “Oh, worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness! Tremble before Him, all the earth.”
I was led by the Lord down a wide path in Heaven. This was something I had experienced before and I was taken now to this same area for a second time. The path led to a huge opening with a crystal clear view of the Universe. As I stood in awe of the innumerable array of stars before me, I experienced an overwhelming sense of God being in control of everything in creation. He made it all and He is sustaining all things by His grace and His power. As I looked out into the beauty of His work, I was filled with an awareness that everything is well and that the great Shalom of the Lord is available to all who seek His face and long to be in a close relationship with Him. Are you one of us? Are you enjoying His presence more and more and fearing the world less and less?
As I was led back into the Throne Room, I noticed that something like smoke covered the floor. It was about three to four feet deep throughout this holy place. I took comfort knowing that it was the cloud of His presence, and all who desire can walk in the awesome glory of His presence. Are you ready to do some cloud walking today? As I stepped into the cloud, I was given an awesome vision of the Lord which filled me with an awe and respect which was transforming me in spirit, soul, and body. I know that this is also available to you in this new season which opened for us on Yom Kippur. I pray that you will walk in the fullness of all these spiritual gifts today and always. Amen!
I will share more of this visit to heaven tomorrow.