What Heaven is Saying TodayBy Pastor James Durham

During worship this morning, I was given a powerful vision. I was standing near a very old building. I couldn't determine if it was a large shed or a small barn. It was so old that most of the paint was gone and what remained was too faded to identify. In spite of its age the shed still seemed strong. Then I noticed that the large security lock was left open. I pondered if I should go in or stay outside. I chose to go in. Inside, it took me a while to adjust my eyes to the low level of lighting.
As my eyes adjusted, I began to see many objects and somehow understood that there was one special item for each person who entered the building. I took an odd shaped tool from the past and began to pray for understanding. The Holy Spirit let me know that this was a type of parable about our current circumstances. Things may look dark and foreboding and our resource may seem out of date, but the Lord is releasing something good for our future. He is releasing the spiritual weapons and tools we will need for the near term and long term future.
Don't focus on what you do not have. Focus on the resources the Lord has. Take faith. He is about to release them to you and for you. Now is the time to stand strong in the darkness and wait for the light to emerge. I pray that the Lord will reveal this to you much better than I have been able to explain it. The door to His resources has been left unlocked for you.