What Heaven is Saying TodayBy Pastor James Durham

ACCESS GRANTED! We had access to the Garden Tomb and inside we felt the presence of the Lord in a very powerful way. I love the words on this old door in the tomb. "He is not here - For He is Risen!" ACCESS GRANTED! Access to the Savior, access to eternal life, and access to Heaven.
Recently, the Lord gave me an awesome vision during our worship time. In the vision, I was standing on one side of a huge valley filled with what looked like a sea of glass. The color of the sea was a warm and wonderful blue like a lake filled with blue gemstones. In the middle of the lake, I saw a beautiful mansion. It was not like the old pictures of mansions. It was very modernistic. Suddenly beams of light shot out from the mansion and made something like sidewalks of light. One large beam came right to my feet. It was then that I remembered what Yeshua asked me in a vision several years ago. He asked me, "Would you like to ride on the light of the dawn?" I said yes and had an amazing experience with Yeshua. I didn't hear those words aloud in this vision, but felt them in my heart. I stepped out on the beam of light and was quickly drawn into the mansion. The message the Lord gave me was that we have access to Him now. We have access to the mansions of Heaven. We have access to the powerful presence of the Lord. What is holding us back? He is Risen Indeed and has called us to be with Him.
I believe that He is opening an amazing season of access for you right now. Will you step out in faith and take His hand? Happy Resurrection Day! To you ACCESS HAS BEEN GRANTED! Amen and Amen!