Activating Restoration Promises

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"The book is thorough and well-organized, moving through God’s seven promises in a straightforward manner and affording each an entire chapter; in this way, each chapter maintains its own focus while contributing to the larger work. • The inclusion of Bible verses throughout establishes the author as someone who is familiar with the Word, which lends credibility to the text, and enriches the reading experience by directing readers to key passages in Scripture. • The “Selah Questions” at the end of each chapter work well to facilitate engagement with the text, encouraging readers to think more deeply about what they’ve read and how the material applies to their own life and circumstances."


In Activating Restoration Promises: Seven Promises of the Lord, the author guides readers through a thorough exploration of what God says He will do to restore those who find redemption in Him, as well as how believers can “activate” these promises in their lives.

Type: Paperback

ISBN: 978-1-6322-1493-5