Alert! Perilous Times 2020

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"Alert! Perilous Times offers an in-depth look at end times and how believers should prepare by becoming spiritually strong and mentally tough. This is a spiritual end-times preparation guide as the author shares through scripture and accompanying commentary how believers can grow in faith and relationship with the Lord, thus preparing for His return. This manuscript presents end times as not a time to fear but a time for which to prepare in faith." 


Little children, it is the last hour; (1 John 2:18) If it was the last hour when John wrote this, what time is it now? Perhaps this is the last five minutes before these things happen. Are you prepared for these last days? Do you need to grow in your mental toughness and spiritual strength? This is your essential guide to get spiritually prepared to face these perilous times.

Type: Paperback

ISBN: TP 978-0-7684-5830-5